Traditional Villages and Pagodas

Traditional Pagoda Explore Traditional Crafts Villages and Pagodas near Hanoi

Not far from the center of the city the landscape is a patchwork of rice fields, vegetable farms, and ancient villages crafts villages and pagodas. Many villages produce a single product, such as furniture, ceramics or lacquer ware. Each of the sample itineraries shown includes a visit to at least one crafts village plus a stop at an historic pagoda seldom visited by tourists.

Each of the rustic traditional crafts villages that surround Hanoi specialize in producing a single commodity. There are villages producing  everything from firecrackers to bird cages, and ceramics to charcoal. These are all pretty far off the beaten track, so they are  authentic,  unusual, and worth visiting. The itineraries below are merely a suggestion. You and your private guide can decide on the exact course based on your interests. If you are a photographer, if love to shop, or you are a commercial buyer, this could be one of the best days of your Vietnam vacation.

Option 1: Begin with the Bat Trang pottery village where ceramics are produced in massive quantities. As you wander among the little factories and shops you will see artisans at work, producing everything from kitchy life-sized ceramic dogs to very fine table accessories. You are certain to find something interesting to take home. Later you visit the Co Loa Citadel. Vietnam's tenth century capital and first walled city. The tiny village a short walk away is very picturesque and representative of rural Vietnamese life.Ceramics Vendor in Bat Trang village

Option 2: First a visit to Van Phu. a silk weaving village where the narrow streets hum with the clickety-clack of scores of looms. Continue to the Tram Gian Pagoda. These date to the 12th century and are considered to be among the most beautiful religious structures in Northern Vietnam.

Option 3: Visit the Bat Trang ceramic village, the Dong Ho painting village, Dong Ky. which was once the firecracker capital of Vietnam, where you will see wooden furniture being made. Later you visit either the But Thap Pagoda with its three-storey prayer wheel or the Dinh Bang Communal House. a complex of very beautiful 18th century buildings constructed from massive local timbers.

Option 4: Visit two pagodas that date to the eighth and twelfth centuries respectively: Thay Pagoda. a massive temple complex with its own water puppet theatre, and the Tay Phuong Pagoda. famous for 79 statues depicting classical Buddhist stories. Your guide will escort you through the narrow, winding lanes of the adjacent village if you like. We recommend it highly because you will get a chance to see daily village life up close as few visitors to Vietnam have an opportunity to do.

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Photos : Douglas Thompson