2019 Promotions A night of Muay Thai kick boxing in Bangkok
Muay Thai kick boxing is an exciting addition to a visit to Bangkok

Muai Thai Kick Boxing in Bangkok

You have not fully experienced Thailand without a night of Muai Thai kick boxing in Bangkok!

You have probably seen Muai Thai kick boxing on a small screen or a large one. However, it is a poor substitute to enjoying a ring-side evening in person. The youngest boxers begin the evening, which works up to a featured bout between local boxing stars. The ceremonies before each fight are unique to Thailand. The other onlookers are as fascinating as the matches. You will see passionate fans and a lot of money changing hands.

Thai people are mad for Muay Thai , their unique 17th century martial art of physical combat and spiritual training, as deeply rooted in Siam's culture as Sumo is in Japan. Thai kick boxing is famous around the world and local fans flock to fill stadiums around Bangkok for matches that are rarely attended by tourists. A real slice of Thai life!

Enjoy a stimulating evening of handsome guys in shorts kicking each other! Muay Thai is more than punching and kicking.  It a ritual, steeped in tradition and magic. Tonight your guide takes you to one of Bangkok's boxing stadiums to enjoy an evening of competition in the ring, where he will explain everything that happens. Drinking, yelling and betting are optional.

Boxers believe in magic spirits and spells, as do most Thai people. Fighters are often have magical tattoos for good luck and sometimes even consult practitioners of the occult to seek advantage over their opponents. Young trainees go through an elaborate initiation ceremony to join the lineage of Muay Thai practitioners, who even include soldiers and royalty.

You leave your hotel with our guide in late afternoon to one of two boxing stadiums that are open on alternating days.  Each stadium has seats at several different price levels. The cost of your ticket is not included in the tour price. Your private guide will help you decide which level to purchase (we recommend ringside), and translate for you during announcements and ceremonies.