Hobbies of the Rich and Famous day tour in Bangkok

Museums of rich Thais with time on thier hands

Journey to the outskirts of Bangkok to marvel at two fascinating "hobbies"

Wealthy eccentrics sometimes spend fortunes to create monuments to help insure their immortality. Today you will visit two of the best monuments in Thailand--a private museum and a cultural theme park.

Your first stop is the The Prasart Museum, a lush garden oasis cultivated by Khun Prasart, housing his astonishing collection of buildings, art, and antiques from every period of Thai history (including the humbly-named "Prasart ").

Spend the rest of the day exploring Muang Boran, a monumental (200 acres!)  theme park on a piece of land in the shape of  Thailand. An ongoing hobby of its owner, the largest importer of Mercedes Benz in the country, Muang Boran is notable for its comprehensive spectrum of regional architecture and artistry, from the seriously historic to the deliriously camp.

If you do not have time for an extended tour of Thailand you can see the entire country in one afternoon. Not really, of course. But you will be able to visit miniaturized and full-sized replicas of major architectural landmarks from throughout the Kingdom. You may also get to view his private army of shirtless craftsmen carving gigantic wood sculptures for his other ongoing obsession--a  surreal shrine perched on a peninsula just north of Pattaya.

And if you have not had enough kitsch for one day, stop at the nearby crocodile farm on the way back to your hotel.

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 This tour is not available on Mondays. Side trip includes personal guide, private car and driver, admissions. Not included: meals and gratuities. Please buy lunch for your guide.