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Fantastic architecture is abundant in the old city interior

Gay Walking Tour of Old Chiang Mai

In ancient times Chiang Mai was a tiny city surrounded by fortified walls. You will see remains of the walls and the original moat as you travel around the city. This walking tour of the area within the walls will reveal some of the most charming and historical remnants of the ancient kingdom of Lanna.

Your guide will pick you up either in the morning or after lunch and spend half a day with you exploring the ancient, cobbled lanes in the square-walled center of Chiang Mai, on foot or by tuk-tuk.

Enjoy our walking tour of old Chiang Mai, where secrets await within the old city walls, including some of Thailand's most historic architecture and  some awesome street food. One of the biggest surprises is that you will not see many tourists.

Inside the red brick battlements, life seems little changed by the centuries: dozens of quiet temple compounds with well-tended gardens, monumental ruins of once-towering stupas, winding lanes lined with ancient teakwood homes crowned with intricately carved galae (carved roof crosses), dried goods shops displaying tins of crackers and cookies, ethnic restaurants with tastes from The Golden Triangle, fresh markets in cool, shadowed alleys, lacquer  ware factories, sleepy antique shops, roadside noodle restaurants, uniformed schoolchildren on parade, and the gentle murmur of chanting and wind chimes. A surprise around every corner! This part of the city is always quiet and seems lost in time.