Learn to Fly a 737
 +Learn to fly a 737 in Bangkok with Purple Dragon

Fasten your seat belt! You are about to have what could be the biggest thrill of your life. Take the controls and learn to fly a 737!

Are you an aviation junkie? A frequent flyer who wants to know what really happens in the cockpit? Looking for a new thrill? Something you will be able to tell stories about back home? During your Bangkok visit you can learn to fly a 737-800. But be careful, this might be addictive!

Put yourself in the "left seat" and pilot this 737.

Bangkok is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy the same training that is required for commercial pilots before they fly a 737-800. You don't even have to drive to the airport, because your gate is just off Silom Road near your favorite Bangkok nightlife venues. While commercial pilots train for up to three years, you can have a taste of the cockpit experience in as little as half an hour in this certified level 6 flight simulator. The simulator duplicates many of the sensations of flight, from the roar of two Rolls Royce jet engines, to the same vibrations you feel in a real aircraft. Trained pilots use the same facility when they prepare for job interviews for positions with airlines, so this is not an amusement park ride. The simulator is programmed to duplicate the terrain and weather conditions at more than 2,000 airports around the world, and the choice of where to fly is yours.

You can choose from several different options for your own cockpit experience--all of them with a licensed flight instructor. For serious students we recommend that you start with a 45-minute flight followed by 60- and 90 minute flights on consecutive days. If you are using one of Purple Dragon's packages the cost will be lower and we will weave your flight time into your sightseeing activities.

A 30 minute Introductory flightis perfect for those who want a taste of life on the flight deck and may be unsure about whether they want to experience more. (Since the simulator is often fully booked most days, it is not a good idea to wait until the last minute to add lessons.) Your flight instructor will brief you on basic controls and guide you through two take-offs and landings at the just about any airport in the world.

A 45 minute flightis an expanded version of the a basic lesson. You can improve your skills with landings and take-offs at more challenging airports. In 45 minutes you will normally have two to three take-offs and landings at two different airports.

A 60 minute flightis the most popular option. You can choose to fly back and forth between two different airports (even in bad weather if you like). On your second 60-minute flight you can use real-world airline procedures, including  and communicating with controllers. You can also have up to four trips between two different airports.

A 90-minute flightis the ultimate experience for serious flight enthusiasts. You have time for multiple take-offs and landings at two airports using real world airline procedures, including a full cockpit orientation, routine briefings, entering data into the Flight Management Computer and executing standard take-off and landing checklists.

More than one pilot?The 60- and 90-minute flights can be shared by two people.Ask usfor details.We are also happy to help you arrange corporate events and special occasions (birthdays), or even three- or four-hour (or longer) charters for those who want to experience a long haul flight, like Bangkok to Paro, Bali or Hong Kong, or round trip to Singapore. You can also give flights as a gift. Other options include a DVD of your flight and/or a photo of you in the "left seat."

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