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Our customers seem to enjoy their visit to the Floating Market Gay Trip to Bangkok's Famous Floating Market

Visit one of Thailand's most popular attractions while discovering a number of less-visited wonders along the way. You spend the day with a private guide, car and driver. We do not start at seven a.m. like most bus tour companies because we do not need to stop at twelve other hotels to wait for passengers who have not finished their breakfast.

Depart Bangkok around eight with your guide and private car and driver. (However, if you are willing to leave at seven you can make a stop Mae Kong Market , an outdoor fruit and vegetable emporium that is staged on the railroad tracks. When it is time for trains to pass, the market magically disappears until the train passes, then reappears).

Bangkok's Mae Klong Floating Market: Something Fake, Something Real and Something Tall. We day you away from Bangkok's mad urban sprawl and into the nearby countryside to visit one of the area's most-visited tourist attractions, plus two more you might not have thought of--the tallest stupa in Thailand and a little market that vanishes when trains approach.

Urban sprawl gives way to shimmering fields where salt is slowly extracted from seawater by the warm sun. If you are interested we can make a stop at the lovely King Rama II Park in the Ampawa District of Samut Songkram for a stroll through its botanical gardens and view sculptures from Siamese mythology. There's also a traditional teak mansion houses a splendid collection of puppets and traditional musical instruments.

Later, visit Thailand's most famous floating market , where you will board a charming wooden boat for a cruise around this colorful bazaar from the center of the activity. Spoiler alert: This isn't the kind of market here locals come to buy fresh produce. It is, well, a piece of tourist theatre conjured up to boost the local economy. As you are paddled along the waterway you can sample an enormous variety of fresh produce, tantalizing treats, and old fashioned sweets. Try your hand at bargaining for folk toys, traditional medicines, fresh honey, or the usual kitchy tourist junk that bus tourists buy for the folks back home.

The canal winds along coconut and banana plantations where you can watch natural brown sugar being coaxed from the sweet drippings of sugar palm flowers. Spry local villagers who row past you in a fascinating flotilla, dressed in hand-woven silk sarong and palm frond hats, make the market a charming experience and help keep the touristic excesses at bay. After your cruise, sit in the shade and eat your fill of fresh local cuisine.

Next stop is the tallest stupa in Thailand , rising from the center of Nakhon Pathom. It was here, as Thai tradition tells it, that Buddhism was first introduced to the region more than two thousand years ago.