Cool Charming Chiang Mai

First-Time Chiang Mai Tour

Your first trip to Chiang Mai, the Orchid of the North

Day One: Chiang Mai's Night Bazaar & gay Nightlife

Arrive in Chiang Mai and we deliver to your hotel. If you arrive early you might like to relax at your hotel or explore the temples, shops, and winding alleys inside the moat-ringed fortress wallsof the Old City. This evening your guide will accompany you on a treat-filled evening tour of the city. Why not start with a cocktail by the quiet Ping River, or a feast of Northern Thai specialties, while being pampered with Lanna hospitality? Afterwards, enjoy our introduction to Chiang Mai's bustling Night Market and delightful charms of gay nightlife, Chiang Mai style.

Day Two: A Golden Temple, a Bowl of Noodles, & a Walled City

This morning your guide and private car will transport you to the mountain summit of Doi Suthep to visit a spectacular golden temple that can be seen from practically anywhere in Chiang Mai. Climb the undulating dragon stairway to Chiang Mai's famous temple-in-the-clouds for a sweeping view of the gorgeous countryside and an up-close look at one of Thailand's most revered religious places,

Later, return to the city for a lunch of khao soi, a uniquely Chiang Mai dish of both boiled and crispy noodles and tender chicken in a thick and flavorful soup. (It is perfectly OK to have a second or third or even a fourth bowl.) Next, your guide will take you to explore sacred shrines and ancient templeswhich dot the city, and introduce you to the town's historic and shopping areas,

Your evening is free to dine at an historic teakwood mansion, a riverside beer garden, or a street-side food stall. Sharpen your bargaining skills to obtain arts and crafts, or try some of the local beer bars, which attract many friendly local people.

Day Three: Elephants, Butterflies & a Lazy River

This morning we whisk you off into the great green mountains North of the city to get closer to nature in an unspoiled rural valley on the edge of one of Thailand's most beautiful national parks. The forest here is hundreds of years old and tiny farms overlook a gentle, sparkling river,

The valley is also home to one province's best elephant rescue camps, where the population is preserved and visitors learn to appreciate the strength and intelligence of this dwindling species. You spend the morning learning about and interacting with the elephants. However, we no longer offer or recommend riding them. The afternoon and evening are free for you to enjoy the city's great shopping, restaurants and nightlife, enjoy a healthful massage, or take our walking tour of the old walled city.

Please note that today's activities are by van on a "joiner" basis, which means you share transportation with other people. If you prefer to travel by car with your private guide, you can do so at a small surcharge. Having your own transportation will enable you to visit a nearby hill-tribe village to see how ethnic minority people have lived in these hills for centuries. There is also a nearby cave system that has been transformed into a temple of sorts. It is filled with religious sculpture and, though somewhat odd, worth seeing.

Day Four: The Next Adventure

Free time until we take you to the airport. From Chiang Mai it is a short plane ride to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Luang Prabang, one of the Wonders of Asia. Or, connect to Phuket Islandfor some fun in the sun, or back to Bangkok, which is Indochina's principal hub for transportation to Vietnam, Cambodia, and other surrounding countries. There are also direct flights from Chiang Mai toYangonand  Mandalay.

Or You Can Stay Longer!

You can easily add extra nights and see even more of Chiang Mai. Take a walking tour on your own, or discover natural wondersin the surrounding countryside, or visit the nearby ancient cities of Lampangand Lamphun. You can even enjoy a half-day bicycle safari to see some of the sleepier and less-visited parts of Chiang Mai.

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Prices and Hotels

Prices depend on your choice of hotel and when you want to travel.

We offer several different hotels in Chiang Mai, ranging from three to five stars. If you have a specific hotel in mind, please let us know. All of the hotels we use are carefully chosen for location, amenities, quality of service, security and value. We use only hotels that are LGBTQ-friendly and we inspect most hotels at least once a year.

To see prices and compare hotels please click on the "$" button on the left. If you have questions or suggestions about the hotels we use, please
 email us.

Great Value
private airport transportation, LGBTQ-friendly hotel accommodation with tax, service and daily breakfast beginning on day 2, nightlife guide on day 1, full day with car, driver and private car on day 2 and elephant/rafting trip on day three. The elephant/rafting trip is on a "joiner" basis, meaning that you will share transportation and a guide. If you want a private car and our own guide to join you, this is available at a surcharge. Not included: airfare, local transportation not part of the tour, other meals and drinks, gratuities, features not specifically mentioned in the itinerary, or items of a purely personal nature.

Custom vacations are our specialty. If this travel package is not exactly what you are looking for, we may be able to modify it to make it a perfect fit.