2019 Promotions Thailand's Paradise Islands

The Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailad are full of spectacular scenery, like Koh Phagnan Gay Beach Resort Vacations in Thailand

Fantastic weather, sparkling beaches, oceans teaming with coral and tropical fish, and fantastic, welcoming hotels and resorts. Whether you are looking for the peaceful serenity of golden sand and sun, or non-stop tropical nightlife, Thailand is waiting to embrace you. Our all-inclusive beach vacation packages offer both convenience and great value.

Phuket, Pearl of the Andaman Sea

Phuket is Thailand's largest island and one of the Kingdom's most popular destinations. Visitors can choose between luxurious resorts that offer privacy and isolation, or hotels in every price range with big-city pleasures nearby.

In Phuket we offer all-inclusive packages to suit practically everyone:

Life's a Beach

Our no-frills two night Phuket Island resort holiday...You can add extra nights, of course. Want to plan as little in advance as possible? Plan to do as little as possible? This may be your best choice.

Pleasure Island Getaway

Purple Dragon's four-night resort adventure in Phuket includes shows and an island-hopping day in the sun.

afternoon volleyball on the gay beach in Patong Phuket Adventure

Our eco-adventure vacation package will raise your pulse. Shoot the rapids, hike to a jungle waterfall, sail through Phang Nag bay, and explore sea caves by kayak.

Phuket Leisurely

Stay a week (or more) and save a bundle of money with this long-stay package for people on a budget. You get a surprisingly wonderful boutique LGBTQ-friendly hotel on a quiet street just two or three minutes' walk to one of Patong's best beaches, not to mention a charming host and delightful staff to look after you.

Woking on the Beach

Love Thai food and want to make your own at home? This program includes Thai cooking classes in a unique cooking school on a private beach surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the Andaman Sea.

You can add extra days and optional sightseeing or activities to our gay beach vacations in Thailand 'to create your own personal beach holiday in our tropical paradise. Enjoy the  gay scene. We use LGBTQ-friendly hotels that are accessible to local nightlife.  FYI, there are no nude beaches in Thailand. Thai people are extremely modest and nudity is unacceptable (unless you own your own island, of course--but we can help you with that, too).

Phuket Side Trips

Pang Na Bay

Cruise Through Surreal and Majestic Fantasy Islands

From tropical beaches to tropical nightlife, the South has it all

Koh Ngai

Heavenly Koh

Never heard of Koh Ngai? It is a well kept secret. It's almost (but not quite) a private island with no roads, and sparkling beaches that you do not have to share with anyone else. If you are looking for wild nightlife, this is not the place for you. But if you are looking for serenity away from mobs of tourists who do not speak your language, Koh Ngai may be your personal paradise.

Koh Samui

Sensual Samui

Lose yourself in splendid tropical bliss for two days or more. Samui has been Thailand's last bastion of heterosexuality. That began to change in 2006 with the blossoming of gay life on one of Thailand's most magically beautiful resort islands. It's not Pattaya and never will be. For those seeking a pleasurable environment with a small but growing gay scene, Samui is is becoming a better and better choice.

What We Do

While Purple Dragon is Asia's oldest, largest and most respected tour operator specializing in programs for discerning LGBTQ travelers, all of our tours are open to everyone! We know Thailand's beach destinations indimately and have already done the research necessary to give our customers the hotels and activities we are sure they will enjoy. All of our "tours" (we don't like that word much) are private, and we hand-craft a special experience just for you.

Purple Dragon  pioneered LGBTQ travel to Thailand, but everyone is welcome on our tours!

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