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Unlike some other companies, we don't hide. You can contact us about just about anything you have in mind and a human will reply as quickly as possible. We do have a FAQ page, but we do not use it as a human contact firewall.

Human beings answer every request we receive, whether it is a reservation, a request for help, or a simple question. So let's begin a conversation. We use the short form at the beginning to save time and to make sure we have all information to answer you accurately. We do not share any of your details.

 fl5 If you are asking for reservations, it is understood that you are familiar with prices and hotels and agree to our Terms & Conditions . In case you have not found prices yet, look for a "$ prices" button like the one on the right just below the itinerary on any page on our website that describes one of our packages. In most places prices are seasonal, so The page you will see next also shows all or most of the hotels we use in the places you want to visit.

Please be as complete and specific as possible about what you need. We recently received an email from a customer who wrote: "I will be traveling to Vietnam. I would like information on gay friendly hotels as well as a tours." Unfortunately this customer did not tell us where, when, for how long, or whether he is traveling solo or with a companion, so we cannot answer questions like this without asking more questions than the customer did.

If you have a problem with this form please contact us .

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LGBTQ travel to Asia, but everyone is welcome on our tours!

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