Mekong River cruise from Luang Prabang

Overnight Mekong Cruise-Tour from Luang Prabang

Travel Luang Prabang to Pak Beng and back by boat on the Mekong and by road through one of the great old growth forests of Southeast Asia.

Luang Prabang to Pak Beng: There & back by Mekong river boat and country coads with an overnight in scenic Pak Beng

Luang Say

Our "Perfect Circle" takes you far beyond Luang Prabang to villages that are rarely seen by mere tourists. You depart Luang Prabang by a traditional Lao riverboat, overnight in Pak Beng, and return by road the following day (or vice versa) with colorful stops along the way.

Travel by traditional Lao long-boat on the Mekong River to Pak Beng, where you spend the night, and return by road to Luang Prabang the following day. Many stops include the Tam Thing Caves, Baw Village, Pak Beng, Muang Ngeun, Ban Bi Mi, Hongsa, Sayabouri, and Kacham Waterfall.

For the leg of your trip on the Mekong you will see villages perched on the shore where the inhabitants make their lives from the river. You will likely see some of them net fishing from shore or from boats along the banks.

The scenery along the river is ever-changing but always spectacular. You will make a couple of stops along the way to go ashore and see life along the river first hand.

You will overnight at Pak Beng, a majestic lodge perched high on the cliffs above the Mekong. The accommodations are beautiful and the meals are delicious (and included).

The route by road through the jungle offers much to see. The dense tropical vegetation exhibits rare beauty and there are ethnic minority villages along the way where people live much as they have for centuries (except for television and the Internet). You will visit several such a villages and meet some of their resourceful and gracious people.

What You Will See

Hmong Village

The same stops are made whether the first leg of your journey is by land or water. They include:

Tam Thing Caves. At the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Ou Rivers you visit a cave complex that attracts Buddhist pilgrims from throughout Laos. Inside you will find more than 1,500 Buddha statues left for generations by visitors.

Baw Village. This landlocked hill tribe village where you will get a taste of rural Lao life--boys fishing along the river, a charming monastery, school kids, women seated at looms and village men making the local moonshine from local rice. (Yes, you can take a bottle home with you!)

Pak Beng is the half-way point between Luang Prabangand the Thai port town of Chiang Khong, so it is the usual overnight stop for passenger ferries and boats carrying freight from Thailand or China. The town has a dusty wild west flavor with local restaurants and bars blaring Western music and a collection of ramshackle wooden buildings. You spend the night here in a lovely teakwood hotel overlooking the river.

Muang Ngeun is a village of traditional wooden architecture dating to the early eighteen century. You visit a wooden wat (temple) that dates to 1736 and another mural-adorned wat that dates to 1816.

Ban Bi Mi is known for traditional cotton growing, spinning and weaving. You will see artisans at work as they craft textile products that are an integral part of traditional Lao rural life.

Hongsa once had Laos' largest collection of elephants. Today, it produces electricity for Thailand. It sits at the edge of a large expanse of virgin forest through which you will pass. You will see breathtaking landscapes, ethnic minority villages, and perhaps some of the endangered animal species that are native to the region.

Sayaboury now has the largest elephant population in Laos. You make a stop here for a traditional home-cooked Lao lunch served overlooking the river.

Kacham Waterfall seems to be untouched and undiscovered except for the locals who enjoy relaxing there.

This program includes all meals. Lunch on the Mekong River leg is an onboard buffet on the boat and dinner your hotel in Pak Beng. Departures are NOT daily. Please contact us for schedule details. We will need to know approximate dates.

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