Travel Insurance

Expect the Unexpected

Your travel to-do list may lack one of the most important details of all--planning for the unexpected. . . .

No matter how healthy you are or well planned your trip may be, the number of things that can go wrong is practically endless and can happen to anybody:

You or someone traveling with you is injured or becomes ill, causing you to interrupt your trip.

You or someone traveling with you is injured or becomes ill, requiring medical care and possibly emergency evacuation to another city.

Your luggage is lost or delayed.

You are forced to cancel your plans because you have lost your job.

Your valuables are stolen.

You lose your dentures.

The luggage you lost is eventually found and sent to you in the next city you visit, but is completely destroyed when a 747 collides with a speeding train. (You never learn whether your luggage was on the train or the 747.)

A travel or transportation provider ceases operations or even goes bankrupt, leaving you to replace parts of your trip you have already paid for.

You die.

You may be thinking " Nothing like that will happen to me." Hopefully not. However, five to ten of our customers every year lose the substantial investment they made in their holiday because of something sudden and unexpected. A few others experience a sudden event that prompts them to cancel or cut their trip short, yet recover the costs of their trip because they were insured.

You can insure yourself and your traveling companions for all of these things at a nominal cost. While there are many travel insurance companies available over the Internet, we have searched and compared and recommend the companies below. They both recommend numerous different travel insurance products and make it easy to compare them to get the best rates.


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