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The imposing India Gate overlooks Mumbai's Harbor and stands as a reminder that this was Britain's colonial seat of powerGay Mumbai Stopover Tour

While New Delhi may be the administrative capital of the world's largest democracy, Mumbai is her economic heart, and quickly growing to be one of the world's largest centers of finance and technology. It is also India's gayest city. Buildings and monuments from the Victorian British Colonial era seem to overshadow all.

Day One: Don't Call it Bombay

Evening arrival at Mumbai airport. We're on hand to weldcome you and transport you to your hotel. If your flight arrives at a different time we will adjust the itinerary to accommodate you.

Day Two: Three Gods and the Arch that Victoria Built

Start the day with a visit to the  Elephanta Caves  situated on an island and famous for the stone carvings inside. From the Mumbai's are the home of this cosmopolitan city's wealthy and famous Gateway of India you will be ferried to the island. Climb the flight of stairs top reach Cave Temple, the pride of Elephanta. As you enter the cave observe the emotional nuances adorning the panels depicting Natraja, a vivid portrayal of Shiva, the god of destruction.

Inside the cave gaze up in the large pillared hall with rows of columns that appear to hold up the roof of the cave. We will take you deep into the inner recesses of the cave to show you the famous Mahesamurti. an exquisitely-carved three-headed representation of Shiva (also called Mahesha).

Here's the city "Slumdog Millionaire" made famous. Actually, Mumbai was pretty famous already, considering the contributions made by Queen Victoria, Bollywood, Rudyard Kipling and even Shirley Temple. It's a pity that most visitors skip this most cosmopolitan of India's great cities. We think Mumbai is an ideal addition to your itinerary, whether this is your first or tenth journey through India. Begin any day since this trip includes a private car, driver and guide.

In the afternoon, visit the Gateway of India  that was originally envisaged as a ceremonial disembarkation point for passengers alighting from P & O Steamers. Walk up to the Prince of Wales Museum. a distinctive Raj-era building housing a superb collection of diverse Indian paintings. Also visit Victoria Terminus. one of the world's great railway stations and the city's most exuberant Italian Gothic building, looking like a A cricket team poses for our camera, reminding us that Mumbai is still very British lavishly decorated cathedral or palace. Next, on to Crawford Market. where Bombay shops for fruits and vegetables. Dhobi Ghaat is where most of Bombay's clothes are still washed communally by hand.

End the day with a memorable sunset drive through Marine Drive, one of Bombay's most popular promenades. This a great place for people-watching if you care to stop. Since Mumbai is India's "gayest" city, you might meet new friends.

Day Three: a Few Things to See On Your Own

We deliver you to the airport for your onward flight. If you are lucky enough to have the morning off there are quite a few things you can add to your Mumbai adventure on your own. Start with St. Thomas' Cathedral. which exudes the strong essence of the British Colonial life in Victorian times. If you are of a certain age, you might almost expect to see Shirley Temple seated in the next pew.

If you are in the mood to shop, head for either Fashion Street or Central Cottage Industries Emporium. (Your hotel will point you in the right direction.) You can even take in a cricket or polo match or check out the cruisy beach. For a taste of the good life, ask a taxi to take you around Bandra. Mumbai's Beverly Hills, where you might catch a glimpse of a Bollywood star.

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