You Need Professional Help

Complicated itinerary? Need help making decisions about your trip? You can take advantage of professional help from Purple Dragon.

We Can Build Your Personal Tour From Scratch

In most cases our extensive website should be all you need to choose the best destinations as well as the itineraries that include the features you want the most. Purple Dragon has an  collection of nearly one hundred "modular" all-inclusive tours in ten countries. We have used decades of experience in our part of the world to create programs that suit almost every interest and budget. In some cities, like Bangkok, Phuket, Hanoi, Saigon and Siem Reap, we have several different programs. We are happy tweak our packages to make them a better fit for our customers. You can request reservations through our online booking form and simply tell us what you want us to change. However, we do ask that you first read the information about the programs we offer and familiarize yourself with our prices and the hotels we use.

If you have sifted through what we offer and want something completely different, or you want a complex itinerary that visits the places we offer, we are happy to create a program that fits your requirements. We are pleased to answer simple questions. We normally answer three emails with simple questions about one trip at no cost. To continue, however, we will request a no-refundable deposit that can be applied towards arrangements we make for you.

We Sometimes Charge For Our Services

Just like your accountant, lawyer, physician, personal trainer, marriage counselor, interior designer or architect, we are professionals with many years of experience. Consequently, our time is not free. We would love to spend all of our time dispensing free advice and quoting prices that are already published on this website. However, we prefer to spend our time focusing on the needs of customers who have already chosen to put their travel arrangements in our hands, and who also expect prompt and efficient service.

The sad fact is that some people try to use us as a free information resource and end up putting together their own trips on the cheap, yet they would not dream of doing the same thing with other professional people. (Not even a hair stylist will give you free haircut to see if you like it or not.)

Unfortunately, these people usually have a second-rate experience and our valuable time is wasted when we could be spending it taking care of customers who are serious about using our services. Other people pick our brains endlessly about a trip they never intend to buy, or are comparing three or four different tour companies to get "ideas" or the cheapest price. If you fit into one of these categories, we are happy to help you, but we charge a fee.

Our Three Email Policy.In our experience, potential customers can make a decision about whether to work with us or not after exchanging three emails with questions and our answers. At that point, at our option, we may ask you for a deposit to continue to work with you. The deposit is is $40 to $75 per hour, depending on who you are working with, your intended destination(s) and the time of year you pan to travel. There is a four hour minimum. If you purchase travel arrangements equal to five times the deposit we request, you can apply what you have paid to the cost of the arrangements you make. We do not book any hotels or other arrangements, or check availability for anything unless we have have a deposit or full prepayment in hand. Deposits are not refundable. If unused, they expire 120 days after the date the deposit is made.


With the advent of something resembling democracy in Myanmar, there is a stampede to go there. Airlines have added flights to and from Yangon. Hotels are so full that they have put contracts with companies like ours through the shredder and are negotiating prices on a booking-by-booking basis. The hotel we have used the most in Yangon for the past ten years has increased their rates more than 300%. Another hotel we often use requires a deposit before they will even check availability.

Our February, April and June 2012 newsletters have stories about Myanmar. If you are planning to travel there, we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the situation there before you start to pack your bags: If you want to visit Myanmar next week (or even next month), you are probably out of luck unless you are willing to take whatever is available, if anything.

We have cut our margin on Myanmar tours in half to keep prices competitive, even though a booking that would have taken two hours of our time now takes ten or more. Nevertheless, people ask for the impossible and we are prepared to do our best to provide it. We have been fairly successful so far.  However, if you ask for Myanmar arrangements less than 60 days (except during November through February) in advance  we require a non-refundable US$250 deposit before we begin work on any new Myanmar bookings. If you give us more than 60 days notice for travel in months other than November through February the required deposit is $150. For travel during November through February the required deposit is $350, regardless of how far in advance you want us to begin work on your program. The deposit can be applied towards the cost of any arrangements Myanmar you agree to. However, we do not actually make firm bookings until then. Some hotels give us 48 hours to pay once we confirm a reservation.

If you think it looks easy to plan Myanmar on your own, we wish you the best of luck. We cannot understand why anyone would want to waste their time. We have decades of experience planning individualized travel programs in the countries where we live and work, and can make the difference between a mediocre experience and the trip of a lifetime.

Getting Answers to Your Travel Questions

We've been in your shoes ourselves and encountered most of the problems you might face, both online and while traveling. don't be afraid to ask a question, no matter how silly you think it may be. However, many commonly-asked questions are already answered on our FAQ Page. If yours is not answered, the simple form on that page will get our attention quickly.