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One well-known travel writer remarked that Siem Reap is "one of the few towns in Asia that just gets better and better."

Convenient Modular Programs For Every Schedule and Budget

Purple Dragon's Siem Reap packages offer great value and save you time and effort by arranging your choice of hotel, round trip airport transportation, and sightseeing with a personal English-speaking guide. You can always add extra nights and optional sightseeing if you wish.

All of our packages include a night at Phare, the Cambodian Circus. The circus is not easy to describe because it cannot be compared with anything else you have seen. So we will leave it a pleasant surprise, which will probably be one of the most powerful memories you will have of your visit to Angkor. No elephants, cotton candy, clown cars or anyone shot out of a cannon will be seen inside Phare's tent. What you will see will make you so ecstatic that you might want to go again the next night.

Essential Angkor ▸ This two-night exploration of Angkor Wat's Ancient Wonders is just right for visitors who want to see just the highlights.

Angkor Leisurely  ▸  On a budget and want to spend more time enjoying Siem Reap? Angkor Leisurely is a five-night "free style" package that includes fun extras. You stay at Rambutan Resort Siem Reap's gay boutique resort hotel.

Angkor Adventure ▸ In five days and four nights you get to see the best of Angkor, including magnificent treasures that very few visitors bother to see.

Grand Angkor  ▸  If you are not the kind of "drive by tourist" who wants only a sample of Angkor Wat, why not stay longer? You will see the most famous of Angkor's sites, of course. But we will also show you Cambodia's magnificent countryside and some unbelievably spectacular temples where you will probably not see other foreigners.

Ultimate Angkor ▸  Our six-night "see-all, do-all" private tour  includes all of the features of our Grand Angkor itinerary, but also includes an overnight trip to the grandest archaeological treasures of them all, Preah Vihear. This temple complex is perched atop a high cliff practically on the border of Thailand. Many of the structures are virtually intact. Because it took 300 years to build, every architectural style of the history of the Khmer Empire is represented. A bonus is the a commanding view of the vast plain that leads to Siem Reap.

Optional Side Trips You Can Add

Have extra time to spend in Siem Reap? You may add one of our optional optional side trips, which include a personal English-speaking guide.

The Road Less Traveled ▸ Some of the most interesting, most authentic things to see in Cambodia are between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Why fly when you can take a fascinating overnight trip by road that visit craffts villages, obscure temple complexes and a town where fried tarantulas are the local specialty?

River of 1000 Lingas ▸ Day Trip to Angkor's mystical Kulen mountain, still a holy place after 1100 years. One of the best day trips we offer anywhere.

Beng Melea & Koh Ker ▸ Beng Melea and Koh Ker temples are somewhat distant from the well-traveled tourist route at includes Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and The Bayon.  Farther along the road to Preah Vihear is Koh Ker, the only temple in the Khmer Empire that was built as a pyramid--probably by the same aliens who created temples in Mesoamerica, India and Indonesia.

Soar Above Angkor ▸  You can have the unforgettable experience of viewing the Angkor complex from above by helicopter. Longer trips with one or more stops allow you to see unbelievable yet remote temples that are difficult to reach by land.

Overlooked Angkor ▸ Less-visited wonders off the tourist path

Tonle Sap Boat Cruise  ▸  Floating villages and wildlife on one of the world's most unusual rivers

Angkor's Divine Puzzle ▸ Picnic at a mysterious man-made lake, the size of 70,000 swimming pools.

Around Siem Reap ▸ Take a Break from Temple Viewing to enjoy the charms of this French Colonial town, with its stately historic architecture, bustling markets, and wild, frontier gold rush pace.

Phare, the Cambodian Circus ▸ Nightlife in Siem Reap is pretty sad for a town with 350+ hotels. The hottest ticket in town is " the Circus," an absolute must-see only-in-Cambodia performance.  Performances are nightly at 7:30. Tickets are only $18, but for the best view, you can sit ring-side in the first two rows for $35. Please let us know in advance so we can reserve seats for you. You pay your guide for tickets when you arrive. If you are visiting Angkor Wat in one of our packages and you are a Club Sanook Member you see the circus as our guest.

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