Phnom Penh
Royal Palace

Tour Phnom Penh, Cambodia's Gay Capital

For all the tragedy and turmoil that Cambodia's capital has witnessed in the past, Phnom Penh is a lively, cosmopolitan gateway bursting with energy, commerce, culture and attractive people and even some gay nightlife.

Day One: The Flavor of Phnom Penh

We collect you at the airport, of course. Early arrivals may enjoy sightseeing or treasure hunting in the expansive Russian Market. To catch the flavor of Phnom Penh life. take a late afternoon walk with our guide along the bustling riverfront where vendors cook up snacks, string flowers into fragrant garlands, or attract crowds of onlookers with old fashioned magic shows. Later, check out Phnom Penh's gay scene and its surprising local night life with your guide.

Phnom Penh is full of colonial charm, important sights, great restaurants, amazing shopping and a surprisingly thriving gay scene that all make a great vacation. Tour the Grand Palace with its Silver Pagoda, and nearby National Museum, the Russian Market, and do not miss an evening stroll along the mighty Mekong. Our private gay Phnom Penh tour includes all the essentials and more: airport transportation round trip, private guide, your choice of hand-picked hotels, breakfasts, admission costs, and legendary hospitality.

Day Two: A Silver Pavilion, Khmer Empire Wonders, & a Mood Swing

Begin your journey through the city this morning. Begin at the carefully tended gardens and pavilions of the Royal Palace. Here, an art nouveau mansion gifted by Napoleon is dwarfed by exotic spires and pagodas arcing into the sky and the glittering treasures of the Silver Pavilion.Afternoon dance class

Take your time to explore the sumptuous National Museum, with its extraordinary collections of Khmer stone sculpture and delicate bronze wonders. These treasures are just a fraction of those once sheltered in Cambodia's sacred temples and palaces. As impressive as they are now, imagine them as they once stood, lavished with offerings, goldornaments, and encrusted with precious jewels.

If you are up to it, visit Tuol Sleng. the most dramatic of the "Killing Fields" museums. Most people leave Tuol Sleng visibly shaken.  To elevate your mood, we can visit the Fine Arts School if classes are in session. You witness young students reviving traditional Khmer dances that were nearly lost to the world as they learn classical dance and traditional instruments. Your evening is free.

Day Three: Onward (Unless You Stay Longer)

Enjoy your free time until your flight onwards to Siem Reap . you drive to unbelievable Kep and Bokor National Park . the seaside resort town of Sihanoukville . or continue to lovely Laos . or Vietnam.

If you stay longer we can keep you busy. How about a visit to a silk village along the shores of the Mekong, or Sambor Prey Kuk, the ruins of a jungle city older than Angkor Wat? Just look here!

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Photos : Douglas Thompson