Northern Thailand and Isan

If you have not seen Chiang Mai, you have not really seen Thailand. No Thailand vacation should be considered complete without at least a few days in the North. Experience the "other" Thai Culture in the former Kingdom of Lanna. You can shop endlessly, hunt for wild orchids near spectacular waterfalls, visit ethnic minority villages, or sample some of Chiang Mai's legendary nightlife. We offer seve private travel itineraries in Northern Thailand that take you to Chiang Mai (including a Thai cooking school), Chiang Rai and the sensational landscapes of the"Golden Triangle," where Thailand, Laosand Myanmar meet. You can also travel to/from Chiang Rai or Chiang Khong to Luang Prabangon an overnight or two-night Mekong cruise. While Purple Dragon was founded an LGBT tour company, our tours and cruises are open to everyone. We tweak our itineraries for each guest based on their interests and objectives to create what we hope will be your adventure of a lifetime

All-Inclusive Packages With Hand-Picked Hotels and Private Guides

Cool Charming Chiang Mai ▸ Our three-day Introduction to Chiang Mai, Thailand's Orchid of the North for first-time visitors. We include plenty of sightseeing, including a sample of the local nightlife. If you have time, stay longer to enjoy one or more of the extra activities shown below.

Chiang Mai Basics ▸ Been there and done that? Try this three-day Chiang Mai Basics Package for return guests. You get one of our famous guides for a day to see and do practically anything you like. Shopping? More obscure temples? Or how about that umbrella factory you missed last time?

A Taste of Thailand ▸ Have fun learning Thai cooking! Our five-day Chiang Mai Stay includes three days (or more if you like) of cooking classes plus plenty of exploration with one of our famous private guides. If you are not traveling alone and your companion wants to do something else, we have plenty of alternative activities included in the package.

Chiang Mai Adventure ▸ Me Tarzan, You James! Looking for adventure in Northern Thailand?You can swing through the treetops of pristine rainforest in one of our amazingly fun swinging day trips. Spend another day white water rafting through some of the most awesome scenery on the planet. Includes Chiang Mai sightseeing and nightlife.

Leisurely Chiang Mai ▸ Have a week or longer and want to save money? This is our long stay program in Chiang Mai. You get a guided introduction to the Orchid of the North, then you are on your own. We can hook you up with a Thai boxing school or meditation center if you like.

Chiang Rai and the North ▸ Overnight trip to the other Orchid of the North, with plenty of breathtaking scenery along the way.

Thailand's Golden Triangle ▸ Venture north towards the Burmese border. Using Chiang Rai as your base, you visit hill tribe villages that once thrived on opium farming, see a 14th century capital, and take a quick trip into Myanmar for some amazing shopping. three days and two nights.

Golden TriangleQuickie ▸ Don't have enough time for our extended Golden Triangle program? We have a "quickie" version that packs a lot into three days and two nights, but you need to arrive early the first morning and depart late on the third.

Way Beyond Luang Prabang ▸ One or more nights in Chiang Rai with or without sightseeing, followed by a one- or two-night trip on the Mekong River to Luang Prabang, Laos. (Can also be done in reverse.)

We have also designed unique optional day trips that fit easily into any holiday schedule. If you take any of our all-inclusive packages you get a special price for the optional sightseeing you decide to add. Have a look at these creative adventures:

Fortress of Secrets ▸ Walking tour within the moat-ringed Old City to see some of Chiang Mai's oldest architecture and the greatest concentration of working temples of any small area in Thailand. Life has all but stood still in this part of the city, which is somewhat forgotten by tourists.

River of Life ▸ Travel leisurely by boat up the Ping River and stop for a healthful massage.

Chiang Mai Wedding ▸ Celebrate your love with a gorgeous traditional Thai commitment ceremony. We supply costumes, a photographer (still or video), music, food and everything else. If you are traveling on your honeymoon this could be the highlight of your visit to the Orchid of the North.

Lamphun ▸ Step back in time on a half day visit Chiang Mai's nearby sister city.

Lanna's Lost City ▸ A half day trip to see what is left of a great city that was abandoned completely after an unexpected act of God.

Nature's Kingdom ▸ A day trip to Chiang Mai's lush wilds to see forests, waterfalls and endless vistas.You have a choice of things to see on your  day in the coutryside--ethnic]minority villages, tea plantations, orchid farms, or even a national park.

Lampang ▸ See a giant chicken and an elephant hospital plus authentic architectural and cultural treasures in a town well known for its ceramics. If you like, we can also arrange an overnight trip for those who really want to spend time with elephants.

What We Do

Purple Dragon is Asia's oldest, largest and most respected tour operator specializing in programs for discerning gay and lesbian travelers. All of our tours are private and include private transportation and one of our legendary private guides. We do not offer group tours.  The big advantage to a private tour is, of course, that you do not have to put up with other people or compromise your own schedule or activities to suit others in a group. You can spend a bit more time at places that really matter to you, avoid places that do not, and go at your own pace. While Purple Dragon was founded to serve the needs of LGBT visitors, our tours are open to everyone! You do not have to be gay to enjoy one of our all-inclusive tour packages since we welcome everyone! A growing number of mainstream guests travel with Purple dragon because they know they will get something better from a gay tour company.