Gay Wedding in Chiang Mai

Get hitched Thai style with our gay Wedding in Chiang Mai!

Celebrate your love with Purple Dragon - the first to design enchanting Asian-style romantic unions for gay or lesbian couples. Whether you have just fallen in love, or are celebrating a continuing union with the love of your life, Chiang Mai provides the perfect romantic setting for an exchange of vows.

Purple Dragon has designed a gorgeous, traditional union ceremony for same-sex couples and lifelong friends. We understand that this event is truly special and so you might like to customize our basic package with additional embellishments -- merit making at an ancient city temple, a luxurious spa program for two, or fabulous Lanna Thai costume. Share your vision of a "perfect wedding day" and leave all the details to us. To get you started, here's our suggestion for the basics...

Venture into the nearby countryside to the park-like gardens of a luxury resort. There, a spectacular entry archway has been hand-woven using palm fronts, banana trunks and exotic white orchids. Climb the wooden stairs to the open-air porch which has been lovingly prepared for your union. Light candles and place fragrant incense, a traditional Buddhist offering, on a special altar set with antiques from this old house. Elders will place intricate handmade garlands around your necks as you kneel amidst offerings that have been prepared for the good will of the resident spirits: betel nut, hand-rolled cigars, and a tray of rainbow-colored sweets which you will eat later to absorb their magic energies. A band of folk musicians play enchanting melodies to accompany elegant dancers in their Chiang Mai finery to welcome you and your guests. A superbly artistic Thai floral bouquet has been threaded with white string, which you hold as prayers are offered for your good fortune<. Finally, the traditional "bai sri soo kwun" ceremony is performed by those in attendance who, one at a time, tie snippets of the sacred string around your wrists as they give you their personal wishes--a simple and moving acknowledgement of your heartfelt devotion.

Afterwards, dine together from a traditional kantoke (wooden serving tray) heaped with Northern Thai specialties as you enjoy music and dance from Thailand's amazing Lanna and hill tribes cultures.

Includes: personal guide, car and driver; blessing ceremony with offerings, traditional music and dance, flowers and decoration, dinner with soft drinks and coffee/tea, cultural show. Video, digital or still photography of the union may be arranged at additional cost. Arrangements are made according to your budget of $500 to $10,000 and can be anywhere from simple to an extravagant event for many guests. Same sex marriage is not legal in Thailand, so this commitment ceremony is not legally binding.

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