Purple Dragon  Bangkok Foodie Crawl

Love food? Want an up-close look at Bangkok by night? Don't have a big lunch! Here's an adventurous foodie night out made just for you!

Bangkok is not only one of the best food cities in the world, but it is also filled with vivacious nightlife, bright lights, colorful markets, busy streets, and dazzling views. Bangkok Foodie Crawl is a vivid night out on the town by tuk tuk to soak it all in with a private guide. At three of your five stops you will  savor a broad spectrum of Thai cuisine that most visitors never experience or even know about.

Your dazzling evening begins begins at an Isaan restaurant, where you probably will not see any other foreigners. From the north-eastern rice belt, Isaan is a distinctly different cuisine from familiar Thai food, with vivid flavors and textures. The restaurant is typical for Thai diners--over-lit, with stools and a stainless-steel tables. You'll try "laab" (your choice of pork or duck)--coarsely-chopped meat with mint, spices and rice flower. Also on the menu is traditional papaya salad, sticky rice, and pan-fried morning glory in a garlicky sauce. A well-chilled Beer Chang is the ideal accompaniment.

Next, it's off through the bustle of Bangkok-after-dark to a quiet street near Hua Lampong, Bangkok's main railroad station. Here, you sample guay tiew kua gai--luscious wide rice noodles quickly fried with your choice of chicken, ham, prawns, or squid (or any combination you like), topped with an egg sunny-side up. On the side, a refreshing soup and fried wonton. People come from across Bangkok to enjoy these noodles, and the restaurant is a popular post-funeral stop. (The wat up the street specializes in funerals for prominent Thais.) After you finish eating, your guide will take you to the kitchen behind the restaurant to see how they prepare some of the 500 bowls of noodles they serve every night.

You take a break from eating to admire the view from a boutique hotel sandwiched between Wat Po and the Chao Pray River. From the roof-top bar you can view splendidly-lit Wat Po on one side and Wat Arun on the opposite side of the river while refreshing yourself with your favorite libation.

Next, a stop at Pak Klong Talad, Bangkok's sprawling night-time flower market. Flowers arrive from Northern Thailand in the afternoon, and buyers from the city's hotels, restaurants and department stores come to pick up the ingredients for the next day's decorations.

The final stop of the evening is in nearby Chinatown, which is busy until the wee hours and could not be more colorful. "Street food" is normally found along the city's sidewalks. But this unusual seafood restaurant sets up tables in the street. Start with deep fried shrimp patties and we'll see how much more you can eat. The stir-fried mussels and the fish curry look mighty tempting.

Why is our tour better? Several other companies in Bangkok offer a similar dining adventure by tuk tuk at about the same price. Ours is different because we use offer better restaurants and menu choices. And the guide is for you alone. The other companies may cram ten guests into four tuk tuks and share just one guide. Our tour is strictly private for one or two people. If there are three or more people in your group, the third and fourth will get their own transportation and guide, but we will make sure you all enjoy the food and views together. We pick you up at your hotel in Central Bangkok and deliver you there at the end. Other companies require you to find your way on your own to a starting/ending point.

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Tuktuk transportation from/toyour hotel, all food and a private guide
Not Included:
Beverages other than bottled water, additional dishes (not recommended since you will be pretty full by the end of the evening.

Why Purple Dragon is Better
Where We Shine
Purple Dragon specializes in programs which areoff the beaten path of commercial tourism and immerse our guests in the rich and lively traditions of Thai daily life. Your tour is private and you have the undivided attention of your guide. Our guests often tell us that the highlight of their holiday was the charming company of our trained guides.