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Thanks for your interest in linking to the Purple Dragon website.

The more "relevant" links to your site, the better you can rank in search engines. "Relevant" to us means LGBT and tourism.

Reciprocal Links

We are very happy to exchange reciprocal links to quality websites that have LGBT and/or tourism content--preferably. We can link to your main page or to any other page you want to boost. We are not interested in sites that involve pornography, gambling, dating, anything political or MLM businesses.

Links to us must be to the same site we are linking to. Your links may not be dynamically generated.

Links Pages

We have a Links page, although believe that search engines have decided to ignore pages that are filled with links to other sites. We think that links from content are far more effective.

Your links page must be linked from your Index page, or appear in a sitemap that is referenced in the code your main page. If you prefer to add us to your links page (even after reading the information below) we will add you to  ours along with a brief description provided by you.

Here is how we prefer to appear:

<a href="">Asia's gay travel pioneers</a><br>
Purple Dragon offers privately-guided programs in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, China, India, and Bhutan.

Links Pages Are Dead

Links really matter more if they appear within a body of text on your site that is not filled with dozens of other outbound links. Just to illustrate how this works, we have added three outbound links to our Luang Prabang tour page; one for a mobile app, one for an advice website, and one for a gay-owned hotel in Cambodia. They are pretty inconspicuous so you have to look hard for them. What matters most, however, is that search engines see them. There is only one other outbound link on that page in addition to links to other pages within our site.

If you like we will look through your site and find a word or phrase where you can easily link back to us. Feel free to do the same with the content on our site.

If you would like to accept our invitation to share links or want more information please email us.