Purple Dragon Live Like a Mahout

Mahout For a Day! Up Close and Personal With Elephants

To be a mahout means to have a partnership with an elephant for most of its life. The mahout is a trainer, a companion, a friend and a master. It is not a job for someone who needs weekends off or a four week holiday each year because the mahout's pachyderm depends on him to survive. If you have always wondered what it would be like to have pet elephant, here is a chance to try it first hand. Spend a day in an elephant camp, where you learn about life with the elephants!

This overnight trip from Luang Prabang is not just an enjoyable adventure in a rainforest in Northern Laos, but a chance to work with elephants yourself and see how mahouts live. Depart in the morning for the "Elephant Park Project," a eco-camp set up to train both elephants and mahouts and to adopt animals that need care. You will work with a team of mahouts and participate in their daily activities, including feeding and washing the animals. Together you will follow elephant trails into the jungle to visit a waterfall and enjoy the spectacular, unspoiled scenery. You will learn plenty about the partnership of humans and animals and about the life of the elephants themselves.

Overnight is at the Lao Spirit Resort, a luxurious eco-lodge in the forest. The Resort is small--just five lovely bungalows with thatched roofs and private terraces with views of the river and forest, and Lao hospitality. The European chef creates both Lao and Western specialties in the restaurant.

On the second day you have a choice of guided trekking in the forest or kayaking. Return to Luang Prabang on the afternoon of the second day.

Live Like a Mahout is available only to guests using one of our all-inclusive Luang Prabang packages.