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LP is one of Purple Dragon's favorite destinations in Asia. Here are a few great reasons to extend your vacation time in Luang Prabang. Although time passes at a very leisurely pace in LP that does not mean there is little to do. Here are some fun suggestions for optional activities in and around Luang Prabangthat will help make your stay even more enjoyable and are worth adding a few extra days to enjoy. If you have special interests please let us know. While there is no surfing or skiing in Laos, our staff are very resourceful when it comes to finding or even creating unusual activities that fit your interests. All of these trips begin between 08:00 and 09:00 a.m. and return mid- to late-afternoon.

Khuang Sii Waterfall

This is a half-day trip, although we can easily make it longer you want to spend a leisurely day there. The Kuang Sii Waterfall is really a series of falls cascade over many calcified You are going to get wet and you will love it. Leave your hotel in the morning and journey upriver to a small village where your kayaking guide will provide equipment and give instructions on kayaking. Begin your descent down the Khan River past villages and lush countryside. This close-up experience with nature and the nearby villages shows a very different lifestyle than Luangprang or Vientiane you will be on the river a total of about three to four hours, including breaks and return to Luang Prabangmid-afternoon. This is not a white-water rafting trip and it is only moderately challenging. Safety equipment is provided, of course, but bring your own sun screen.

Along the Jungle Trail

Venture into hills that overlook the Mekong to enjoy a unique experience in a rural village.

The variety of things  to do in the village is endless. You can get a cooking lesson with ingredients that are growing just a few steps away. If you are feeling industrious you can help with fishing, looking after crops, or helping to repair a house. The village shaman will take you on a trail through the forest that surrounds the village to point out the many plants that are used by these people as traditional medicine. Includes car, driver, guide and picnic lunch.

Two Wheels, One Adventure in Luang Prabang

Pedal out of town this morning to Wat Pa Phon Phao, a forest temple famous for the teachings of Ajahn Saisamut. When he died in 1992, his funeral was the largest that Laoshad seen in decades. It's Santi Chedi (Peace Pagoda) was built in 1988. This large yellow stupa contains three inside levels plus an outside terrace with a view of the surrounding plains. After another kilometer you will arrive in Baan Phanom, a village that is home to Thai Lue (a tribe with its origins in Southern China) people which is well known for cotton and silk hand-weaving. Here we have the opportunity to watch how traditional Lao cotton fabric is loomed. We pass leisurely through teakwood plantations and wind up the Nam Khan Valley. Along the way you pass the tomb of Henry Mouhot, the French explorer who "discovered" Angkor Wat. Continue our easy bike adventure through rice paddies and dense forest until we arrive at the Elephant Park Project, about 15 km from Luang Prabangalong the Nam Khan River. This unspoiled valley is one of the most beautiful places in the area. Until recently, wild elephants and tigers roamed here, but nowadays it is a special place to relax in a relatively unspoiled setting. Lunch will be served on the mountain view terrace or at the magnificent Tad Sae Waterfalls (depending on the season). After a little time for relaxation and a coffee we will return to Luang Prabangby van, arriving mid-afternoon. Total biking time is two to three hours. Moderate difficulty.

Nong Khiaw

If you really want to get away from tourists, try this two night side trip to Nong Khiaw along the Nam Ou River, which meets the Mekong at Luang Prabang. It is merely a speck on a map, and is surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in Northern Laos. This compact little town built on the hills overlooking the river is compact enough to explore on foot, or you can rent a bike. On the second day you explore the Tok Caves,where villagers hid from the Pathet Lao during the civil war. If you are adventurous, in good shape and don't mind getting a little dirty you can also visit Phua Kuang Cave, which runs bout 300 meters through a seriously large mass of stone. You will be rewaded by some uncommon nagtural beauty and a sense of accomplishment. Later, take a steep trail to the top of Phadeng Peak to take in the view. Also during your visit you will take a boat trip to the riverside village of Muang Noi, which is a great opportunity for a lunch break with cold beer. From there you will be able to visit a tribal hamlet deep in the nearby mountains to see what daily life is like in places without electricity that are mostly unknown by the rest of the world. Return to Luang Prabangby road the third day. The three and a half our drive reveals plenty of scenery and authentic Lao culture. Please shoot us a message if you are interested in this unique adventure.

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These activities are not private and you share your experience with other visitors. We regret that these fun day trips are available only to guests using one of our all-inclusive Luang Prabangpackages.