Gay Honeymoons and Weddings

Our part of the world is a special place to share with a special friend. If you already have a partner and are looking for great places to enjoy together, we offer a few suggestions below. Actually, practically any of our programs are good for couples since we offer only LGBT-friendly hotels and all sightseeing and transportation are private.

Chiang Mai Wedding ▸  Purple Dragon was the first to design enchanting, Asian-style unions for gay or lesbian couples. Whether you have just fallen in love, or are celebrating a continuing union with the love of your life, Chiang Mai provides the perfect romantic setting for an exchange of vows.

River of Dreams ▸  Privacy and romance are yours aboard a lovely teak rice barge converted onto a luxury floating hotel. Sail north from Bangkok to Ayutthaya with fascinating stops along the way. We can also arrange for a private charter of a barge with just two cabins, a private chef and private valet for the ultimate ultimate experience for one or two couples.

Phuket Honeymoon ▸  Phuket is the perfect place to spend a few relaxing days with someone you enjoy. Spend your days around the pool or on the beach, but be back in time to experience the unforgettable sunset in this zero-stress tropical hide-away you will not want to leave.

Dalat, Vietnam ▸  A former French "hill station" a few hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat is known as the "Honeymoon Capital of Vietnam." The town is full of gardens, small farms, colorful markets and some odd things to see. Dalat is a terrific get-away because it is incredibly peaceful and surrounded by natural beauty. Stay in the Dalat Palace Hotel and your room will probably have its own fireplace. Add something from the hotel's unbelievable wine cellar and... how much more romantic does it get?