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Over the last decade the health care industry in Thailand has evolved into one of the world's most advanced sources of medical treatment of all kinds. Thai medical schools produce doctors and nurses that meet high international standards. Many receive additional training in Europe or the United States. Thai hospitals are among the first in the world to employ the newest, mostVejthani Hospital suite cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Thai hospitals are probably also the most luxurious in the world.

The big difference between health care in Thailand and other parts of the world is the price tag. Costs in Thailand are a fraction of what they are in Europe, North America and Australia and many hospitals even publish their prices. For inpatients, the unbelievably low nurse-to-patient ratio means better care.

Orthopedics in ThailandWhat does this mean to you? If you need health care of any kind and are not covered by insurance or want elective procedures that are not covered by insurance, consider Thailand as an option. In many cases Thailand's low costs allow you to save enough to pay for a great holiday in the Land of Smiles. Who would not want to recover in in style and comfort?

You do not have to be treated in a hospital or clinic to take advantage of health care in Thailand. We also offer wellness holidays in resorts that are specially intended for people who want to go home feeling better. They offer spa services, detox programs (including colon detoxification and liver flush) yoga and meditation classes, healthy food, and the kinds of fun facilities and activities you would expect to find in any great resort.

The purpose of the information presented here is to give our customers the benefit of the research we have already done. For the past several years we have often been asked about health care by numerous guests. So we decided to present the same information for everyone who is interested in it. Although we are not medical experts, we live and work here and use many of these health care resources ourselves. One of the reasons so many foreigners choose to retire here is the great health care.

Thailand is a great place to recoverHospitals and clinics in Thailand normally pay us a small fee for referrals. However, this will not increase your costs. You can contact hospitals and clinics through some of the pages referenced in the column on the right.

We want to help you recover in style.  One reason we offer this information is because we hope you will give us the opportunity to take care of the other details of your visit--hotel accommodations, transportation and other travel services.

Before you view any of the choices shown in the right column there are a few things you should know. First of all, nothing printed here should be considered medical advice. Advice can come only from the doctors, dentists, hospitals, and clinics we suggest that you consider. All of the hospitals and their facilities we recommend here have signed agreements with us to protect the privacy of people who use the referrals on our website and to keep information confidential.

These recommendations are our opinions based and are based on extensive research and personal experience. Obviously some will disagree with us--particularly those who were not recommended. We regret that we can make no comment about any doctor, clinic, hospital or any other facility that is not mentioned here.

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