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Low tech dentistry
you do not have to buy used dentures to make your money go farther in Thailand

Advanced dentistry
Thailand's dental care facilities are often as good as or better than what you may find at home.

Open wide!
Thai dental clinics use the latest technological advances


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Open wide! Let's be honest. Nobody really wants to visit the dentist. For some people it is torture. However, we are living longer than our grandparents and great grandparents did, and contemporary diets and lifestyles are hard on teeth. None of us want to end up with dentures like grandma used to wear.

One of the biggest excuses people have NOT to have check-ups and cleaning as often as we necessary is usually the cost. Unfortunately, we often put off small problems until they become big ones. The cost of cosmetic dentistry makes it a luxury.

If you have a private or public dental health care plan that covers some or all of your needs, you are lucky. Often, however, there are strict limitations on what is covered and you may have to wait for weeks or months for care.

Thailand offers world-class dental at costs that are far below other parts of the world. Even though it is possible to find individual dentists in private practice in Thailand, dental clinics in major hospitals are probably the best sources of dental care for visiting foreigners. Why? First of all, multi-lingual dentists and support staff mean fewer communications problems. Most important, however, is that hospitals have the financial resources to make a big commitment to quality dental care and to invest in the newest technology. They also know how to make the most of a patient's time and how to fit a series of dental treatments into a brief stay.

Appointments are easy to get here and you almost never have to sit in a waiting room for more than a few minutes. Most clinics have low-cost, flat-fee packages that include x-rays, cleaning and one or more simple fillings. Here are a few of the many services you may consider including in your Thailand holiday:

Complete Examination Package. A thorough exam, whole-mouth x-rays and a cleaning your teeth costs next to nothing and helps to identify small problems that can be repaired before they become big ones.

Teeth Whitening. Time, diet, tobacco, tea and many other factors can cause your teeth to darken or yellow over time. Normal cleaning and over-the-counter products will not improve appearance significantly. Several options are available to return teeth to their normal, original color, including both chemical and laser whitening.

Veneers. Teeth that are discolored or damaged significantly can simply be covered with a thin layer of attractive, durable material that is custom-fitted for each tooth.

Implants replace missing teeth with an artificial teeth that are anchored into the bone, just like a real tooth. The shape and color match the rest of your teeth, of course. Old implant technology require numerous visits over a long span of time, which made it impractical for most holiday visitors. However, the newest single tooth implants available in Thailand can be installed in just one day.

Orthodonture. Straightening crooked teeth no longer requires painful, unsightly braces. New technology offers faster results than when you were an adolescent, and some solutions are completely invisible.

Replacement of Metal Fillings. Amalgum (soft metal) fillings are all but a thing of the past. A great many people believe that they are toxic over a long period of time as they slowly deteriorate and metals are absorbed into the body. They are also unsightly. It does not cost much time or money to remove the old amalgum fillings and replace them with a porcelain-like material that looks like natural tooth.

Other Procedures include extractions (including wisdom teeth), root canals, crowns,  replacement of bridges and denture plates, reshaping and contouring of individual teeth, closing of gaps between teeth, soft tissue grafting and bone augmentation.