The Purple Dragon Story

Purple Dragon is Asia's largest, oldest and most respected tour company offering travel arrangements for gay and lesbian visitors to nine countries in Asia. Our company was founded 1998 as an alternative to sex tourism and we pioneered LGBT travel to Southeast Asia. Over the years, however, our customers have sent us their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Our tours are open to everyone. Every tour is different because every customer is different, so we adapt what we offer on our website to make your experience as unique as you are.

Private Travel Programs Include Almost Everything

You will find nearly one hundred customizable itineraries on this website. Virtually all of these include airport transportation, hotel, our outstanding private English speaking tour guides, admissions costs, private car and driver (where appropriate) and other features. We use gay owned, or LGBT-friendly hotels everywhere possible. Our guides are the best we can find. Our programs (we hate to call them "tours") are designed to be used back-to-back to create longer itineraries. In most cases you can begin any day you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our website is extensive and easy to navigate and will answer most of your questions, so please spend some time familiarizing yourself with what we offer before you contact us. We have also anticipated other questions that our guests ask based on fifteen years of experience. Just click on "Answers to FAQ" in the right-hand column.

Custom Travel Programs & Itinerary Consulting

Your travel experience should be as individual as you are, so we are happy to customize our packages wherever possible. If you want more than just sightseeing, we offer programs for people who love cooking, beaches, history, culture, temples, hiking/trekking, shopping, massage, spa, spas, and meeting new friends.

If you need help planning an extensive itinerary, you can take advantage of our itinerary planning service. You can read more by following the link  in the column on the right.

Working With Us

You get personal service from experts who live and work in Asia. Perhaps this is why so many of our customers return to us again and again. You do not have to be gay to enjoy what we offer. Our mainstream guests choose us because they know they will get something better from a gay tour company.

We understand the limitations of working with our guests by email so we try to make your contact with us as personal as possible. Your email is answered by real human beings working in our office--not a computer robot or someone with pre-written scripts working in a call center.

Although we are primarily an internet-based travel business, our staff in Bangkok are usually able to serve guests who want to make last-minute reservations. We prefer to confirm your holiday plans before you arrive, as space is sometimes limited, so please make advance reservations for our fantastic tours and packages to avoid disappointment.

A Tan and a Tummy Tuck

Since Thailand has some of the world's most advanced, yet least expensive health care we are happy to assist you with recommendations for things like dental work, Lasek, cosmetic surgery and "lunch hour face lifts." While we are not physicians, we do have years of expertise advising our customers about medical and dental procedures available in Thailand. Our experience has lead us to create associations with what we believe are the best medical and dental professionals here. We are happy to assist individuals who are seriously interested in finding doctors, hospitals and clinics who are the perfect match for their needs, and dealing with the logistics of evaluation, transportation, and accommodation during post-procedure recovery. You can read more about that on our Wellness & Beauty page.

Our Private Travel Club

We invite you to join Club Sanook, our private travel club, for specially-priced "members only" programs that do not appear elsewhere on the Purple Dragon website. Basic Memberships are free. Members receive an acclaimed bi-monthly newsletter full of information about travel in Southeast Asia.

Community Involvement

We have always been involved in some of the communities where we work. Nearly 20 years ago we established a free condom-give away program in outdoor cruising areas in Saigon. Our guide staff away 250,000 condoms.

Our Managing Director was the founding co-chair of Bangkok Pride. He has also helped to establish one of the first community groups for gay Thais. He is now doing something similar in Bhutan

Our manager and guides in Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) established a "community rescue" project. Initially this was to assist families who lost their male parent. We provided donations of food and practical necessities. This hss grown to the adoption of a village and its school. With the help of the generosity of our customers we have given children dental care, dug wells, supplied farming tools, and many other things. We have a Facebook page for this. Please Like and Share it.

As long-time community organizers and AIDS activists, Purple Dragon does not promote or condone sex tourism. We fully support the fight against the exploitation of women and children. Our guides are not sex workers and we do not make "introductions."